Joe's Memorial Service in Lochem

While Joe's friends and family in Newcastle were remebering him in a day of celebration, a parallel event was held by friends and family in Lochem, where Joe made his home with Rianne and Mariza.

In the garden in Lochem, a memorial place was made for the ceremony: a wooden floor where Joe used to practice his tap-dancing, clogging, juggling, violin-playing etc. On it were placed a picture of his last formal solo-performance (4th June 2005, Zevenaar, De Lantaern), his wooden shoes, his bike, a big candle, lots of flowers.

About 70 people, family and close friends, attended the ceremony, all sitting in a circle around the memorial place.

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Joost van Es plays Joe's tune
Rianne's mother lights the big candle Martin Lamers blows the midwinterhorn Jesse recites the poem, The Kite Henjo and  Diederick place the sign, I fiddled my way in
The choir sings part of Mozart's Requiem Ria Adams recites a poem Nel van der Noort recites Planting bulbs in the garden
Joost van Es and Félo Hettich play some music Victor and Natalia Pribylov sing a song The children blow bubbles The ceremony with the paper bags
Joost plays during the burning of the paper bags